Thursday, January 19, 2012

Intake Manifold Removed


Throttle Body Removed

Bent Rims

My two front rims... They are bent...

I received a brand new set of 4 today. $200 with shipping! Not a bad deal at all! They will still need to be painted, but at least can be thrown on once that is accomplished.
Furthermore, before that actually happens, I believe what has caused the bent rims is the Tie Rods. Mind you, I have not taken the car over ANY sort of bumps, or potholes.

New Alternator

The Alternator has not been working correctly for some time, but only recently did I actually find that it was the alternator causing my problems, which I thought were battery related.

I hadn't even replaced the alternator since I bought the 924 back in 2008, and who knows how good it even was back then, either!?

Old Alternator Removed

New Fuel Accumulator

A couple months ago I had actually replaced the Fuel Accumulator with this. After putting the new Accumulator on, I never did end up driving the vehicle. When I finally did, I returned home to notice gas leakeage present on the garage floor. My first time installing the new Accumulator, I must not have tightened one of the nuts tight enough, and gas was leaking.

Problem Fixed!

New Axle Boot

Passengers Side Rear Axle Boot has been torn for quite some time, and I haven't had the necessary leverage to get a stripped bolt off, from the ground. Now that I have a shop to work on it, the new boot is now in place!

Automotive Technology Year 1

I started Automotive Technology at my Community College in September, and am currently proceeding through the class.